Basic Operation

  • Create View: no change on version tree, except for an eye.
  • Check Out: a new branch linked by black line, and a new node with no number will occur on version tree. It seems that we cannot control what version is connected by the black line. However, we can rebase our view to other version.
  • Check In: a number will be assigned to the checked out node.
  • Delivery: a red arrow will occur on version tree. Merge is required.
  • Rebase before chekc in: the eye will move to the version that you rebased to, and the previous branch created by checking out will be gone.
  • Rebase after check in: a red arrow will occur on version tree. When red arrow occur, merge is required.

Other Terminology

  • Hijacked: 我们知道,静态视图将VOB中的文件下载到本地后,文件是只读的。如果你绕过检出(checkout)操作,只是去掉某个需要更改文件的只读属性就进行操作,那么该文件就被称为“劫持”( hijacked)文件。We can use Undo Hihacked to remove the situation. A .keep file will be created.


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