Use Busy Wait to Implement Semaphor

A semaphore, a new variable type.
A semaphore could have the value 0,indicating that no
wakeups were saved, or some positive values if one or more
wakeups were pending.
a semaphore s is an integer variable that apart from
initialization, is accesssed only through two standard
atomic operations, wait and signal. these operations were
orignially termed p(for wait to test) and v(for signal to
The classical defination of wait in psedocode is

    ;// no-op

The classical defination of signal in psedocode is:


Modification to the integer value of smaphore in wait and
signal operations must be executed individually.
that is, when one process modifies the semaphore value no
other process can simultaneously modifiy that same
semaphore value.

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