Shell Language


alias copy="cp"

Next time when the command "copy" is read in the shell, the command "cp" will be executed.


grep -R 'ABCD' .

Print lines that contain 'ABCD'

grep -R 'ABCD' . | grep -v 'tags'

Print lines that contain 'ABCD', and do not contain 'tags' (exclude lines that contain 'tags').

make all | grep 'ABCD'

Print all lines that are generated by make command and contain 'ABCD'


find /home *.c

Find all files with ".c" name in home directory

find -name abc.c

Find the file "abc.c" in the current directory or its subdirectory


ctags -R .

Build tags in the current directory. After that, we can use ctrl+] and ctrl+t to trace code.

Pipe & Input & Output

sign < dictionary.txt | sort | squach > gramlist.txt

Run program sign with input dictionary.txt, and then feed the output to program sort, and then feed the output to program squach, and then put the output into gramlist.txt

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