Telosb Wireless Embedded System

In the project, I used telosb sensing mote to build a wireless network system. The telosb mote contains a microcontroller (MSP430), a 802.11.4(ZigBee) module, a 10kB ram, and USB interface. I developd the application using open source embedded operating system called TinyOS. In this small network, I used multiple telosb motes to build the network system. There is one host node, which is connected to my PC, and others are sensing nodes, they collects data using on board light sensor and transmits the data to the host node periodically.

I implement CSMA/CA protocol to solve the problems of hiden nodes for this network system.
The transmitter first send a RTS signal to the receiver, then the receiver send a CTS signal back to the transmitter. After the transmitter receives the CTS signal, it can send the DATA to receiver. Finally, the receiver send a ACK signal to informs that the transmission is successful.


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